Jan. 6th, 2017

kajel: (Me)
I know where I should be. My mind is three moves ahead, but somehow, I've lost a step in the process. My mind is there, however, not the rest of me. I see where I should be. How do I get there?

That's how I got caught. I knew where I needed to go. I lost the how. It's all so fuzzy now. I took a job. It seemed pretty routine to me. I have an excellent reputation for getting the job done. Excellent reputations are important. You don't get the good jobs like me if you don't have one. The good jobs mean good money. The money allows me to pick and choose the jobs I want. Got a good one. A job that is.

I remember the house clearly. Slip in, get what I came for and slip out. Easy money is good and builds the reputation more. Got caught though. I knew where I needed to be. I knew what I needed to do. It got fuzzy. My mind was there, but I wasn't.

I was out, easy as can be. I was moving, moving down the alley. There was a noise and I was up the fire escape in a flash. Only, I wasn't was I? I thought I was, but I was just standing. I remember that now. Just standing looking at the guard. That's not right. I should have been up above.

Fuzzy, cold and dark is all I have now. There was a stone pressing into my cheek, but it's gone now. Not me, the stone is gone; the stone and the guard. I don't hear them anymore. That's right, I heard them. They spoke to me. They said something important. I know it was important. If I could just remember.

I lost the how. My mind was up, but I wasn't. That's not good for the reputation. That's it!

"Reputations get too big."

Can't feel the ground anymore. Maybe it was too easy. The job I mean.


This is my entry for LJ Idol: S10 Week 4. The topic this week was “I don't skate to where the puck is. I skate to where the puck is going to be".

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