Mar. 23rd, 2017

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"Andrew, I have several ideas for the Music Hall's inaugural concert. The trustees approved my plans."

"The New York Symphony Society has been a passion of mine for years, Walter. It is why I constructed the Music Hall. As musical director of the society, you have a great influence on who the trustees choose for the inaugural concert. I want the opening to be grand and memorable."

"You will get your wish, I assure you. Before I explain that, I have something else of import. The trustees have asked that I play upon our friendship to make an appeal to you."

"What would they ask of me?"

"They wish you to put your name on the hall. Instead of Music Hall, it would be known as Carnegie Hall."

Andrew leveled an exasperated look on his friend. "Preposterous! I do not need my name emblazoned upon the facade in some grandiose form of accolade to myself. The building is for the Society and will be called the Music Hall."

"Take heed, my friend. They will continue with this. A single no may not suffice. However, I have done my duty in asking."

"You may be right. Now what else do you have for me today?"

"On May 5th of this year 1891, I, Maestro Walter Damrosch, will conduct the inaugural concert of Music Hall with the great composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky!" He said with a grand flourish of his hands.

"Tchaikovsky! That is excellent news. It will be a great coup to have the famous Russian composer for the inaugural concert."

Andrew clapped Walter on his back as he moved towards a decanter set on a table nearby. He quickly poured two drinks and handed one to his friend.

"A toast to the success of the Music Hall and the many contributions to music it will provide in the future."


In 1893, the trustees talked Andrew Carnegie into allowing the use of his name.

This is my entry for LJ Idol: S10 Second Chance, Week 3. The topic this week was “Getting to Carnegie Hall". This is a work of creative fiction using facts about Carnegie Hall.

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