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Soooo, I've been a tad busy lately. The last weekend of March, I finally said enough is enough with the projects. I got the house cleaned and show ready. We listed it last Tuesday afternoon.

Our house, if your interested in looking at pictures!

We've had at least one showing everyday since. A couple of days had two showings. It's been a little crazy and disruptive. I knew it would be, but man, having to get the dogs out also added just that tiny bit of extra stress. Ned's Dad asked for the kids for the weekend and I jumped on that. Having them gone made keeping the house clean for the first weekend of listing that much easier.

I ended up pawning the dogs off on him too! He has 7 acres that they've recently fenced. All four of them had a great time. All four of them also seriously needed baths Sunday night when they got home. I took the two kids and Ned wrangled the two dogs. lol I think I got the better end of that deal.

Katey and I went out to lunch during a showing yesterday. I couldn't come home until 3:45, so we ran back to pick Nicky up from the bus stop and went for a drive. An hour after getting home, I had an offer on the house. A good offer, we have accepted it! I am so excited! Now to just get through inspection and appraisal. Cross everything you've got that the appraisal comes in where I need it to. This sellers market is crazy. Houses are being snatched up so fast. It might make it difficult to find a house.
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