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My friend posted a Tarot spread on Pinterest yesterday and I went down that rabbit hole for awhile. The research I did encouraged me to retrieve my quest deck and do a spread for myself. I found a spread meant for self exploration and felt that was perfect for this time in my life. I detailed the spread below and the notes I made while reading the cards. (Any and all pointers, tips, suggestions, etc. are welcome) I had a particularly difficult time with the Father of Cups and The Hierophant. Once completed, I researched the Hierophant and discovered a meaning that struck me. The Father, or King of Cups in some decks, still eludes me somewhat.

This was definitely and enlightening exercise. I have discovered some recent fears and insecurities that I am not happy with. The current state of affairs needs to change.

The Self Exploration Tarot Spread

What can you tell me about myself?

Card 1- Who am I right now- Ace of wands (Passion)

In need of new beginnings, inspiration, aggressiveness, desire

Card 2- My short term goals- Ten of Stones (Richness)

Realize you are rich in life. Take in goodness and love. Show the world who you are. Love and support your family.

Card 3- My interests and passions- Father of Cups (Fatherhood)

using engineering and art for creation

Card 4- My emotions-Five of Wands (Defeat)

Opposing forces and ideas. A satisfying and challenging game.

Card 5- My inner demons- Nine of Swords (Cruelty)

Everything turns against you. Feeling pulled apart and broken by cirumstances beyond your control.

Card 6- My fears- The Hierophant (Tradition)

My need for social approval and fitting in.

Card 7- My drive- Three of Swords (Mourning)

Stabbing emotional pain. Disappointment and pain. Sadness at current events in my life.

Card 8- My long term goals- Justice (Balance)

FAIRNESS. (I had not looked at the next card before this one) Be aligned with truth and honesty. Step back, take a breath and evaluate the situation honestly.

Card 9- My future self- The Son of Swords (Fairness)

Use your mind to find innovative solutions to problems. Seeing things differently is a strength. Seek balance in all things.
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