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"We've got four more souls like the one that just came through." The harried reaper looked to his boss for direction.

"Four? Well, stick them in a holding room. We've got a backlog from that fire in the slums."

The reaper escorted the four newly released souls to to one of the few open holding rooms.

"You gentlemen can wait here. We'll get you processed in as soon as possible. After processing, you will arrive in purgatory until the Grim Reaper arrives for sorting. You'll have a couple days in purgatory waiting, then it will be off to wherever your soul belongs."

With that parting bit of information the reaper was gone. The four men looked at each other in shock.

"Are we dead? What happened?" Asked the one of the men.

"I think we are, Riley. You remember Thad ran in yelling about people after him?"

"Yeah, I remember that." Piped up Giles. "He went past me."

"Did you not see the huge amazon that ran in after him and attacked us? She killed me and Giles."

"I saw her, but that's all I remember." Said Riley.

Suddenly, the door opened and three more men were ushered in by a different reaper.

"Riley!" One of the new guys said. "What's going on?"

Riley sighed. "We're dead."

"Thad came down stairs and this knight or something came in after him. She attacked us with this huge sword and the next thing I know, we're in some strange place with this guy telling us to hurry up, we can go into the holding room with our friends."

"Damn! I hope Thad's alright, I really liked that guy. We haven't seen him." Riley said.

"Jarl was with us too, and he isn't here," said the new guy as he looked around. "Maybe the two of them got away."

The seven men sat around swapping notes and stories for a awhile. They were trying to understand what was happening when they died.

One of the reapers from earlier arrived to usher them to the processing department.

"Come this way." He motioned them out the door. "Well, you gentlemen will get to meet up with your other friends in processing."

"Other friends, how many of us are here?" Riley frowned.

"We had another eleven of you trickle in."

"Eleven! What in the world is happening out there."

They arrived in processing to see a group of men they knew waiting.

"Jarl! We hoped you got away!"

Riley looked at the other men.

"I don't see Thad. Maybe he got away, I hope he is alright."

"Thad!" Jarl shouted. "He stabbed me!"

"What. What do you mean Thad stabbed you?"

"I mean the traitor stabbed me. He tried to do it in my back, but he said something that confused me and I turned and watched him kill me."

There was a lot of angry muttering as the men were processed into Purgatory. After passing through an endless series of corridors, the large group of men found them selves in a large room.

"Welcome to Purgatory." The reaper said as he ushered them through the final door. "Make yourselves at home while you wait for sorting."


They all heard a shout as someone ran over to them.

"Thad?" Riley watched as the man ran up to him.

"Man, I'm sorry to see you here." Thad quickly embraced the confused Riley. "I've been here for hours. I was hoping that meant no one else got caught by surprise like me."

"Wait, If you were here before us, then who the hell was that in the keep?"

The assassin removed the disguise and looked around the room. Looking like one of the sentries had been useful.


This is my entry for LJ Idol: S10 Week 2. The topic this week was That One Friend
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