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"La Chiave Fiore, The Flower Key."

"What's that Cyn?" Meredith called over her shoulder as she rummaged through the open box in front of her. Where had she put that auction pamphlet?

"This is one of your museum magazine things Meredith. It has a flower key."

Meredith paused and looked up at what Cynthia was holding. "Oh that one, yeah, I got that one about a year ago. It's something that's been in a church in Italy for the past 150 years or so. The name caught my eye."

"Did you go to Italy to get it?"

"What?" Meredith frowned. "Oh, no, it's not a key at all. Just a gold flower. There is a little loop on the back. I think it was a piece of a necklace or maybe a button." Meredith turned back to the box in front of her. "Aha! I found the pamphlet. There's a collection of antique keys being sold in France next week. The nobleman that created the collection was fond of delicate gold keys."

"It says here that the Chiave Fiore is displayed in a private collection at a church outside of Florence. They don't know why it is called the Flower Key as the piece is not a key at all." Cynthia continued reading.

"Exactly. The Porta Caeli Manuscript is locked with a gold clasp. No one has been able to pick the lock without damaging the clasp. It's too valuable to damage. It definitely requires a key."

"I still can't believe you bought that illuminated manuscript last month for so much money and you can't even open it and look at it." Cynthia shook her head. "Meredith, I know that this doesn't appear to be what you're looking for. It doesn't look like a key at all, but I think you should look at this." Cynthia walked over to her friend and handed her the magazine. "Look at the flower. It looks just like one of the flowers entwined around the gate on the manuscript."

Meredith studied the picture of the flower. She jumped up and went to the vault across the room. Quickly she opened the door and moved to the case where she stored the 13th century manuscript. She held the magazine close to the gilded gate on the front of the book.

Cynthia peered down at the two items. "It is exactly the same flower."

"I don't know how this could be it, but I think I need to go to Italy tomorrow. You're right. They are exactly the same in every detail." Meredith said.

Cynthia smiled at her excited friend. Maybe she would actually get to see why that manuscript was worth over a million and a half dollars in this lifetime after all.


This is my entry for LJ Idol: S10 Week 9 Sudden Death Write-Off!. This was an 'Open Topic'. I wrote about these two characters before. Once in 2013 with Treasures Unique, and in 2014 with Rainy Days.
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