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I would sit here rocking, but I don't have a rocking chair. I do have a wicker chair. It has a foot stool. So, I can put my feet up at least. It's not the same as rocking with the breeze blowing gently against me. The smell of honeysuckle teasing my nose. The sound of Gram in the kitchen, cooking up her wondrous delights.

It's been many years since those things have been a part of my life. This wicker chair that doesn't rock just can't compare. Her death changed the course of my life. Dealing with the unexpected, large inheritance by disappearing off to college had worked. Who gets seventy six million dollars as they turn eighteen? I took the time to figure out what I was doing.

Cynthia and I traveled each summer. We toured Europe that first summer. Dublin, Ireland was where the second life changing event happened. Seeing the Book of Kells gave me a passion to pursue. That gorgeous illuminated manuscript inspired my life long collection of those wonderful works of art. The Porta Caeli manuscript is the pinnacle of my collection. Tomorrow, I would possess the key to open it.

Even though the La Chiave Fiore didn't in any way look like a key, I have a growing conviction that this is it. Negotiations to purchase the key from the church outside of Florence took longer than I expected. Cyn was coming over tomorrow to be with me when I finally open the manuscript.


"Alright Meredith, let's do this!" Cynthia grabbed my arm excitedly.

I looked over at her. I was just as excited as she was. I took the Porta Caeli out of the vault and laid it gently on the table in my office. I picked up the small gold flower. It really did just look like a button.

"Here we go," I said as I fit the loop on the back of the key to the small hole on the lock of the manuscript.

With a click, they key slid into place and the lock fell open.

"It worked."

With gentle fingers, I opened the leather cover. A blinding light lit the room suddenly.

"Meredith!" Cynthia grabbed my arm again. "What is that?"

I stared, frightened as I saw my office fade away. Cynthia was looking around as well.

"Oh my, Cyn, do you know what Porta Caeli means? It means Gate of Heaven."


This is my entry for LJ Idol: S10 Second Chance, Week 2. The topic this week was “Front Porch".
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