Aug. 8th, 2012 01:51 pm
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The overnight soaked oats recipe I made last week was completely awesome!!! I need more and am out of yogurt and jam. It was a really big hit with my husband also. I am going to make his in Tupperware for him as that would be easier to eat at work. That and he might like a larger portion. Because I was so focused last week on what I was eating, I lost five pounds last week. I was really pleased with that. I wasn't logging my calories like I told someone I would do, but I was really good. I am not as concerned with calories as I am with whole foods in good portions.

Today, when Katey wakes from her nap, we are headed to the store for a few essentials to get us through the next week. I am planning out a few meals with what I already have on hand. Since I need milk for the kids, I am going to get yogurt for the cold oatmeal and smoothies as well as a few things to round out my meals. I plan to link the recipes for anything new I try. A little variety is needed now. I have quinoa and need to find ways to use it.

What do you love to eat lately?
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I have been working on changing the diet in my household. Last fall I saw a post on the Yahoo front page about a family here in Charlotte that had pledged to eat non-processed or refined foods for 100 days. ( Reading her blog started me on a journey in trying to make changes for the sake of our health and I hoped also to lose weight in the process.

Sadly, eating as non-processed as possible means a lot more time in the kitchen. I can cook, but I don't really love to. I have the wonderful option of being a stay at home mom. I have a lot of time to spend making these changes. In 8-10 months we have been anywhere from 60% to 75% real food. I have not been able to push it that last bit to really make the change completely. Health benefits...ehh. Weight After a good long reassessment of my household, I realized I haven't really tried all that hard.

I have incorporated some really great things, cooking with whole wheat flours, cutting out the use of refined sugars (in my own cooking, not some of the processed crap I still bought), etc. When Ned and I were shopping one day a couple of weeks ago, he said something about finding s healthier option for breakfast. He has been taking low sugar Quaker Oat fruit and cream instant oatmeal to work. That seemed to be my wake-up call. He was starting to finally get on board with what I had been talking about for months.

I have spent the last week scouring the internet for oatmeal recipes. On Sunday night I found a website with directions for making your own instant oatmeal packets. ( I made cinnamon raisin as that is what I had on hand. I doubled the recipe in the packets since I know Ned uses three of the instant packets at work. Ned is not that fond of the cinnamon flavor. He would also like the oatmeal to be a bit thicker. She does say to grind some oats to flour and add a tablespoon, so I will try that if I make the packets again.

Today I was so excited to find this site ( I made a variation a few minutes ago of the Peach Melba oatmeal. ( I used strawberry preserves and some fresh peaches that I bought at the farmers market Tuesday. I can't wait to try these tomorrow morning. I even had the mason jars. I am hoping that Ned likes these. She has around 16 flavors on her site. I am bound to find a couple that are fabulous.

I intend to do a 10-day pledge in the next couple of weeks. I am going to prepare with meal planning and such. I will try to start of the 16th of August as that gives me time to do some shopping first if needed. We shall see how this goes.

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