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This is an intersection. My story should be read first. For part two, click the link below the story. Thanks!

D-minor was a simple key. She was from a harmonic family. She had a few melodic cousins, but they didn't associate that much. An aunt had created a scandal when she ran off with a sharp. D-minor wasn't aware of which sharp as the family didn't really like talking about it. Not that it mattered much to her. She had her own life with her own problems at the moment. She had developed a label. It wasn't even a very flattering label, D-minor: saddest of all keys.

It was like she was walking under a stigma. She couldn't figure out why people thought she was so sad. She felt she was a pretty happy key overall. She had several friends. Her friend, 13, was pretty great. They had met at a young age. 13 had protected her when a few chords had begun teasing her. They didn't bother her again. After that incident she and 13 became best friends. As she grew up, 13 had developed a reputation also. It was like others were scared of her. Sure she had a bit of a temper, but it only came out when 13 came across bullying or some other type of injustice. D-minor didn't really get the attitude. 13 was a sweetheart. Always doing things for others. B-flat and G were good buddies. They hung out with her fairly often. D-minor wasn't always the life of the party, but she had a good sense of humor and enjoyed socializing.

The one downside of her life was her seeming inability to find a partner. Maybe that was why others always thought of her as sad. Although, if that was the case, then they were just projecting what they felt she needed onto her. All of her friends had found that special someone. Even 13 had found another prime that matched her quite well. D-minor didn't really feel left out our like a third wheel. Though, it would be nice to find that perfect someone. She had always dreamed that by this time in her life she would have settled down with her special someone. She and 13 had a discussion about it recently. 13 had given her some good advice. She had also given her a website to try.

D-minor stared at the website in question. It had taken her over a week to get up the courage to even look at the site. Now she sat staring at the page. The first line said it all.

'Looking to harmonize, maybe meet that perfect fraction! Then Matchtype.net is for U and you.'

It looked like just needed to fill out the long questionnaire and the site would do its magic. She would be given a list of possible matches on the site and it would be up to D-minor to contact them. Simple enough right? With a deep breath, she decided to just get it over with. She opened the questionnaire and began entering her answers. Then she fiddled with her profile a bit. D-minor wanted to make sure it was just so, before heading off to bed. She would see what the site had for her in the morning.

The next morning, D-minor leapt out of bed. Her coffee couldn't drip fast enough for her. She lost no time in getting the computer up and running and checking her email. She frowned at the first selection. What does love pump actually mean? This G sharp fellow is kind of creepy. She could just hear what her mother would say about dating a sharp.

The next email was a lot more interesting. It was from the number 1.

'People tell me all the time that I'm the loneliest number. I don't see it. Personally, I believe I am a hopeless romantic. I am looking for someone for a meaningful, honest relationship with whom I can also relate on a spiritual and intellectual level. Someone fun loving who would be up for something like a spontaneous stroll at night with my three dogs.'

D-minor thought 1 sounded like a pretty interesting character after reading his full profile.  Maybe this whole online dating thing wasn't as terrifying as she thought it was going to be. 

She spent the next hour typing, deleting, and retyping an introduction to 1.  Getting the wording just right was proving to be a little difficult.  She didn't want to come across as too eager, but she also didn't want to seem too diffident either.  Finding a balance was taking time and a lot of thought.  13 was right.  She needed to just get out there and meet someone.  Maybe that someone could be 1.  After all, if they got together, he wouldn't be the loneliest number anymore.


This is my Home Game entry for LJ Idol: Exhibit B. This week's topic was one of four. It was also an intersection, and my partner is [livejournal.com profile] sweeny_todd! I chose D-minor:Saddest of all Keys for my topic. [livejournal.com profile] sweeny_todd used the topic All That Jazz and her conclusion to the story can be found here. I had so much fun with this!!!

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